ILC encourages all our customers to look through our Terms 
section to better acquaint themselves with our business

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Current customers should refer to their four digit customer 
account number when placing an order or receiving 
current pricing.

someimage.jpgThe account number is found on the ribbon line of ILC's 
  packing list or invoice.
someimage.jpgYour account number will allow us to reference and
  update past order information in our system.
someimage.jpgPlease notify ILC of any billing or shipping
  specification changes as well as contact information changes.
The following types of orders are considered custom.

someimage.jpgNon-standard size laminated pouches
someimage.jpgPouches ordered using special film 
  (matte, color, writable, etc.)
someimage.jpgMagnetic Stripe, Signature Stripe, and 
  Pressure Sensitive films.
someimage.jpgPrinted Pouches and Plastic Cards.

ILC Reserves the right to ship and invoice +/-10% of the quantity 
ordered on special orders.				

ILC will re-laminate documents with laminating defects when 
trade laminated by ILC. We cannot be held responsible for the 
document, which may be affected, in our laminating process.

Custom orders are manufactured to customer specifications.
They cannot be returned for credit unless there is a product defect.

Once orders are entered they are considered firm and cannot 
be canceled without ILC authorization.
Products and prices are subject to change without notice


Customers may prepay with a: certified check, money order, 
company check, or credit card. ILC bills all domestic US 
shipping (via small parcel ground services or common carrier) 
within the United States, except Alaska, Hawaii and 
Puerto Rico.
Customers may use the following credit cards:
Visa, MasterCard and Discover Logos shown respectivlely.
All credit card purchases will have the total amount including 
shipping charges put through for payment, and will be run prior 
to the start of the order.

The reason is we provide many customized products, which 
are able to ship quickly. Once manufactured for a specific 
customer the value is limited.


Invoices will be emailed to your company when
orders are shipped. Copies of invoices will not be
mailed unless requested.
All first time orders are shipped C.O.D., Cash, or Credit Card. 
Net 30-Day Payment Terms: We require a completed ILC credit 
application to establish open accounts and corresponding credit 
limits (Please allow 2 weeks lead time to process this information). 
Open accounts are due in full per invoice terms.
NOTE: Accounts with balance over 30 days will be assessed 
a service charge of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance. 
NOTE: A current RESALE CERTIFICATE must be submitted and 
"on file" prior to processing your initial order.

Download ILC Credit Application PDF
All Delinquent Accounts will be responsible to pay for any and all
charges incurred when the account is turned over to collections, 
including collection and legal and court fees, as part of 
the settlement.
Payment in credit card in US dollars is required. We will only accept 
checks and credit cards drawn on U.S. banks. All charges associated 
with freight, export handling and documentation will be billed 
collect unless prior arrangements have been made. If a specific 
freight forwarder is not requested, ILC will select one. Because 
these commodities, or technologies are being shipped from the US 
in accordance with Export Administration Regulations, diversion 
contrary to US law is prohibited.
There is a $30 service charge for each check returned for 
any reason.
Normally shipped from stock within 24 hours.
Production and shipping dates will be determined with 
order quote.
All items stocked by ILC such as standard laminating pouches, 
accessories, etc. will be shipped within 24 hours.

All other order schedules will be provided when an order is 
received or quoted. Shipping dates will depend on when orders 
are received.
In emergencies, ILC will do everything possible to ship product 
the ASAP as a rush order for an extra fee; under certain conditions, 
items may be moved up in our production schedule to accommodate 
crisis situations. Call for details.
ILC will select the best method (either by small parcel ground 
service or common carrier), unless otherwise specified.
Any overnight or 2nd day method desired (at customer's 
expense and approval required).
Unless otherwise specified by customer, ILC may make and 
invoice partial shipments.
All merchandise is inspected and carefully packaged for shipment 
before leaving our plant. The freight company accepts 
liability for shipments which leave our facility. Upon delivery 
of your shipment, promptly check the number of cartons 
against the bill of lading or packing slip. Lost or missing 
packages must be noted on freight Co. paperwork.
ILC adds shipping and handling costs based on 
F.O.B., Dayton, Ohio.
Customers are allowed a 30-day period for returning non-
custom products. *There will be a 35% restocking fee charged 
for all products which are returned unless ILC has made an 
error. ILC takes complete responsibility for goods that are 
shipped out incorrectly and will issue a call tag for return shipments. 
For any other reason, it will be at the customer's expense.

*NOTE* Products may only be returned if ILC has made 
an error.
Any discrepancies between quantities ordered and quantities 
received must be reported to ILC immediately (within 24 hours 
of receiving).
ILC will credit or replace only our products, not products or 
value-added services associated with or performed in conjunction 
with other products if they are found to be defective. 
It is your responsibility to perform an incoming inspection 
and report any defect within 24 hours of receipt 
of order.
Most ILC equipment (i.e.: cameras, laminators, photo die-
cutters, etc.) is warranted for a period of two years from the 
date of purchase. If at any time, you should experience 
problems with equipment purchased from ILC, you should 
follow the steps listed below:

someimage.jpgIdentify the problem as best you can.
someimage.jpgWrite down the serial number of the malfunctioning equipment.
someimage.jpgFind the date of purchase from ILC.
someimage.jpgAsk for return authorization number from ILC.
someimage.jpgNo returns will be allowed without prior authorization and a 
  return authorization number.
Any defective equipment under warranty will be repaired by ILC 
at no charge.

Any defective equipment not under warranty should be sent 
back to ILC for a repair estimate after a return authorization 
number has been issued. Customer is responsible for all 
shipping charges.

If a "loaner" piece of equipment is necessary, ILC will ship and 
bill a "loaner" piece of equipment until the original piece of 
equipment is repaired. Should you decide to keep the "loaner", 
you are responsible for payment of both the "loaner" and repair 
charges on the original piece of equipment until the "loaner" is 
returned to ILC. A credit then will be issued to cover the bill.

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