Add bright colors to your laminated documents with
affordable, plastic Color Film manufactured by ILC.
Four translucent Color Pouches - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. One opaque White Pouch.
Color Film Selection
someimage.jpgAvailable with white back or translucent.
someimage.jpgTranslucent available in red, blue, green, yellow.
someimage.jpgOpaque available in white.
someimage.jpgEmployee ID Badges - Color code departments
someimage.jpgVisitor/Contractor - Color code from regular employees
someimage.jpgMembership passes - Color code to separate types 
  of memberships
someimage.jpgParking permits - Color code monthly, weekly passes or 
  parking lots
someimage.jpgResident Parking Passes - Parking areas within a complex
someimage.jpgSignage - Provide color border around laminated inserts
Additional Notes
someimage.jpgOther colors available by special order.
someimage.jpgColor pouches can be ordered with one side clear film 
  and one side color.

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