ILC manufactures two products which are designed to house
and protect documents from wear and tear. They are Laminated 
Pouches and Vinyl Pockets.
Red Vinyl Pocket artwork.
What is a Vinyl Pocket?
A Vinyl Pocket or Holder is a plastic pouch sealed on three 
sides and open on one to accept an insert. Inserts are removable. 
This process does NOT require a laminator.
Features of our Vinyl Pockets are:
someimage.jpg Any size up to 26" x 39".
someimage.jpg Hundreds of standard sizes to select from.
someimage.jpg Provided in 6, 8, 10 or 12 gauge vinyl.
someimage.jpg Provided in "frosty" or "clear" vinyl.
someimage.jpg May have slot or round hole for hanging.
someimage.jpg Folder style, adhesive back and zip lock available.
someimage.jpg Hot stamp printing available.
When requesting prices please give us the following information:
someimage.jpg Size of insert.
someimage.jpg How the insert will be inserted (top or side).
someimage.jpg If job requires punching (oblong slot or round hole).
someimage.jpg Quantity required.
If we have this information you will have pricing within
24 hours.

ILC is an industry leader specializing in manufacturing of printed and unprinted plastic products.
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