ILC offers Pouch Laminators designed to provide the 
highest quality laminating at an affordable cost for 
laminated pouches of all sizes.
All Pouch Laminators shown have the 
following features:

someimage.jpgWorks with all ILC Plastic Pouches of applicable size.
someimage.jpgDoes NOT require paper carriers for 7 and 10 mil pouches.
someimage.jpgFull metal case construction.
someimage.jpgFan cooled outlet table, positioned to prevent 
  "lost" cards.
someimage.jpgIlluminated Power Switch serves as a reminder 
  and warning.
someimage.jpgIlluminated Ready/Run Switch provides "Stand-By"
  feature and heater status.
someimage.jpgBrushless gear motor for long, trouble free life.
someimage.jpgAll electrical components are mounted in grounded 
  metal chassis.
someimage.jpgMolded silicone rubber rollers able to withstand 
  elevated temperatures.
someimage.jpgPorous bronze bearings are permanently luricated.
someimage.jpgOptional, built in thermometer
someimage.jpgHigh quality thermostat temperature controller.
someimage.jpgU/L Listed and CSA Certified.
someimage.jpgPlug in anywhere. No special power source required.
Model IL-300 Laminator
someimage.jpg12-9/16" Opening.
someimage.jpg8" x 15-3/4" x 4-5/8"
someimage.jpgNet weight 13 lbs.
someimage.jpg115 volt AC - 50/60 Hz. - 780 watts.
IL-300 Laminator
Model IL-200 Laminator
someimage.jpg9-13/16" Opening.
someimage.jpg8" x 13-7/8" x 4-5/8"
someimage.jpgNet weight 11 lbs.
someimage.jpg115 volt AC - 50/60 Hz. - 490 watts.
IL-200 Laminator
Model IL-100 Laminator
someimage.jpg3-7/16" Opening.
someimage.jpg8" x 7" x 4-5/8"
someimage.jpgNet weight 7 lbs.
someimage.jpg115 volt AC - 50/60 Hz. - 260 watts.
IL-100 Laminator

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