Durable plastic Sticky Back or Pressure Sensitive Backed Film 
and Pouches come with a pressure sensitive adhesive on the 
back film. After the insert is laminated in the pouch, the release 
liner is removed allowing the pouch with insert to be applied to 
a wall or other surfaces such as a plastic card. 
Soft drink fountain with Pressure Sensitive Back Lables.
Pressure Sensitive Back Pouch.
someimage.jpgThis product is used for making signs that are printed on a 
  laser printer, inserted in pouch and laminated, then applied 
  to a wall.  
someimage.jpgThis is a low cost way of applying an employee picture ID to 
  an access control card.
someimage.jpgFor Access Control applications here is a low-cost way of 
  applying ID photos to blank plastic cards:
  Order our Access Control Size Pressure sensitive pouches 
  specifically designed for this application. The Access Control 
  Size Pressure sensitive pouch is 1/8" smaller all-around than 
  a credit card. This means that once laminated, the edge of 
  the plastic card will protect the edges from damage. The end 
  result is a professional looking, long lasting personalized 
  plastic card for less cost.
Available In All Standard Pouch Sizes

Available Film Thicknesses
Pressure Sensitive Pouches are available in 3, 5, 7 and 
10 mil film on front and a 1.5 mil permanent film on back. 
The permanent film on the back comes with a removable
release liner that is removed before application of Pouch.

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