ILC currently offers the easy to use IL 2500 25" Roll 
Laminator designed to provide the highest quality 
laminating with the greatest ease of use. Great for
schools, media specialists and small businesses in mind.
The IL 2500
Educator 25" Roll Laminator
someimage.jpgEasy to use. Great for first time roll laminator user.
someimage.jpgLong life. No maintenance aside from general cleaning of unit.
someimage.jpg2 YEAR WARRANTY.
someimage.jpgPlugs into any electric outlet.
someimage.jpgCan laminate up to 5 mil on both sides of insert.
someimage.jpgILC also provides rolls of film for roll laminators.
someimage.jpgLow Cost! Call or email for pricing information.
someimage.jpgOperator manual included with unit.
someimage.jpgLaminating Width - Up to 25"
someimage.jpgDimensions - 32L 11H 16D
someimage.jpgShipping Dimensions - 36L 17H 18D
someimage.jpgWeight/  Shipping Wt. - 76 / 80 lbs.
someimage.jpgSpeed - 6 ft. / min.
someimage.jpgVoltage - 110 V, 1500 watts, 15 amps
   (220 V. optional)
someimage.jpgMax Film Gauge - 5 mils
someimage.jpgMax Laminating Thickness - 1/8"
someimage.jpgMax Film Roll Diameter - 6"
someimage.jpgMax Film Capacity -
   with 1.5 mil - 1000 ft.
   with 3 mil - 500 ft.
someimage.jpgLam. Roll Diameter - 1 1/4"
someimage.jpgFilm Core Size - 1"

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