ILC is a manufacturer of long-lasting plastic Rolodex 
Punched Pouches to protect customer's important contact
and directory information. Below is a two-part laminated 
pouch with ROLODEX notches pre-punched. Pouches can 
also be printed to your specifications.
Rolodex Pouch.
Used for laminating Rolodex Cards and Roll-A-View Cards, 
business cards or other reference material such as wallpaper 
samples, cloth swatches, and cooking recipes in a Rolodex 
file for easy reference.
someimage.jpgAvailable Sizes - 2 5/8" x 3 7/8" (66mm x 98mm) 
someimage.jpgAvailable Thicknesses - 5, 7, 10 mil 
someimage.jpgMay also may be ordered in any size pouch with standard 
  rolodex notches.
someimage.jpgAvailable Notch Sizes - 1 1/4" and 3/4" 
  (measured center to center)

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