Plastic Magnetic and Signature Stripes are 
manufactured by ILC add low cost security 
and identification to laminated documents.
Magnetic Stripe Pouch
Magnetic Stripe Sizes
someimage.jpg3/8" and 1/2" low coercivity stripe
someimage.jpg3/8" and 1/2" high coercivity stripe
someimage.jpg1/8" high coercivity stripe
Magnetic Stripe Products
someimage.jpgStandard laminated pouches
someimage.jpgButterfly pouches
someimage.jpgPVC plastic cards
someimage.jpgLaminated film rolls or sheets
someimage.jpgILC printed cards with stripes
Magnetic Stripe Pouch
Signature Stripes
Since laminating film is difficult to sign and can be rubbed 
off, a signature stripe is recommended. Signature stripes 
are available in matte or white. 
someimage.jpgMatte stripes use the insert as the signatures background.
someimage.jpgWhite stripes provide the background for the signature.
Signature Stripe Considerations
someimage.jpgWidth of stripe
someimage.jpgLocation from magnetic stripe
someimage.jpgWhite or Matte
someimage.jpgButterfly or Laminated Pouch

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