Hunter certification card with writable film front and back for signatures
Writable Film Selection
Writable or Matte Writeable Film is used to allow writing of signatures,
dates, and more. Matte Film is used to reduce glare from sunlight, 
direct indoor lighting, etc. 

Most plastics are difficult to write on. Writable Film can be 
written on with pencils, ballpoint pens, markers, etc. This is a major
application for cards which are signed after they are laminated.

Matte film is available in clear non-glossy only and can be printed
in all standard sizes.
Writable Film Pouches
Pouches can be made with any combination of film, such as: 
someimage.jpgMatte on front, Writable on back
someimage.jpgRegular on front, Matte Writable on back
someimage.jpgHolographic on front, Matte Writable on back
Applications Include
someimage.jpgID and Membership Cards
someimage.jpgShipping Labels
someimage.jpgGift Cards
someimage.jpgManufacturing Tags
someimage.jpgFor information written only once, use a permanent ink pen 
  or marker.
someimage.jpgFor variable information to be removed, use a water soluble 
  ink pen or marker

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