Printed Laminating Film
Printed on inside of film so printing does not wear off with 
handling and printing cannot be changed.
Accounts for each card in an order for control.
Hidden Text Message
These hidden images become visible when attempt is made 
to copy original document.
Heat Reacitve Inks
Inks change color or disappear when rubbed then reappear 
that verifies the original document.
Custom Border
Line images will distort when copied.
Micro Text
Images become unreadable when copied.
Warning Bans
Designed to discourage counterfeiters.
UV Printing
Can be seen with a black light used to verify original document.
The combination of some or all of these features adds to the 
overall security of the document or card.
someimage.jpg"Official Use"Paper
someimage.jpgSki Passes
someimage.jpgI.D. Cards
someimage.jpgParking Permits
someimage.jpgVisitor, Contractors, Supplies Badges
someimage.jpgStudent Transcripts
someimage.jpgEquipment Warranties
someimage.jpgGift Certificates
someimage.jpgPrescription Forms
someimage.jpgAccess Control Cards
someimage.jpgValue Coupons

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